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Unusual tourist paths in the Czech Republic

Unusual tourist paths in the Czech Republic

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Several choices for those who like to hike up high, take pictures and walk barefoot.

Czech meteorologists forecast a warm autumn. If you like nature and want to spend a week-end with your family in the open air, then you should try to master one of the numerous Czech tourist paths. It is nice that many tourist routes in the Czech forests are no longer commonplace tracks with some stations to have rest. Now, once you start your walk, you can enjoy the natural beauties and participate in different quizzes, walk barefoot or learn to take pictures. We have prepared a short review of unusual tourist routes around the Czech Republic. Some routes are definitely appropriate for families with children.

Good shots

A couple of months ago the so-called photopath opened in Velkých Karlovicích,  Zlinský kraj. Besides the natural beauties of Beskid the tourists can now get useful tips on taking better pictures. If you are fond of photography and would like to know how to picture the nature, you should choose this route. The six kilometers long path starts from the Lanterna hotel and ends at the Miloňová tower. 12 direction signs for tourists bear the photography tips on composition, sharpness, exposure, best hours for taking pictures to get the light, the filter to choose, on how to use long exposure, on picture details, landscapes and portraits.

An unusual photographic route is good for those who have some experience in using photographic technique. Its developers managed to pick the most photogenic places visitable in two or three hours. The route is fit for family trips and untrained tourists. More information on the route. Next year the Czech Republic will introduce a similar route for photographers-beginners.

Learn and protect

Borovanské pískovny, an unusual ecologically friendly route has been opened this year next to Ceske Budejovice. The route has been developed and is served by the activists of Calla NGO that is engaged in environment protection. The route is full of special hiding places that keep tips on where to proceed and a “treasure”. This treasure is information on kinds of plants and animals that live in these forest and some rules to follow in taking care of environment. It is important that the route itself was developed in the appropriate way not to ruin the fragile habitat of animals and not to damage the vegetable world. More information on the route.

Barefoot in the forest

Walking barefoot in a forest is a real unity with the nature. This kind of pleasure is provided by a special route near Valtice. “Barefoot” paths are already popular in the neighboring Austria and Germany, but they have just recently appeared in the Czech Republic. Almost five kilometers of the path around Valtice bring from the Austrian Schrattenberg to the beautiful colonnade in the Lednice-Valtice park, an English-style masterpiece. This Europe-biggest park covering more than 280 sq. km. makes part of the UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage list. The route unites 11 stations where tourists can take their shoes off and walk barefoot on bark, cones, sand and rocks. More information on the route.

Like a bird

If you wish to leave the ground, then you should opt for the “on-trees” path. This route is situated over the trees in Lipně nad Vltavou. This 675 meters long path is 40 meters above the ground, but parents with prams and physically challenged people can follow the route. More than one million persons have passed this route in its three years. More information on the route.

Baumwipfelpfad, one more on-trees path is situated in Bavorský les National park. This world longest 1320 meters path appeared six years ago 44 meters up the ground. Unlike other similar routes, Baumwipfelpfad has limited working hours and entrance fee. More information on the route.

Traditional route

If you prefer traditional tourist routes, you should visit the oldest Czech scientific tourist route, the Köglerova stezka (Kögler’s path). It is situated between the city of Krásná Lípa and the east border of the České Švýcarsko National park. This 20-km long route was launched by Rudolf Kögler in 1940s, but it worked for four years only. In 2006 the Krásná Lípa authorities restored the route together with Kögler’s descendents and Czech bodies for environment protection. The restoration prolonged the route by eight km., making it more suitable for experienced hikers.  

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