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7 tips to rent in the Czech Republic

7 tips to rent in the Czech Republic

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How to make tenancy easier and to avoid difficulties


Almost each one of us has rented a flat or a room, which is of special interest for students. Someone was lucky to have no great difficulties, others can tell a lot of unpleasant stories, connected with the flat owner, the housing or neighbors.  We decided to provide several important tips that can help avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations.

Where, how, with whom and how much?

Before looking for housing, think of whether you would like to live alone, with friends, or someone you don’t know. Living with neighbors can have some advantages and disadvantages that is why this is to be decided beforehand. Are you ready to share kitchen, bathroom and toilet? The two aspects of great importance in choosing a flat are its location and price. As a rule, the farther the flat is from the center, the less the price is. If the flat is situated not far from a metro station or near a University, the price grows. Furniture, household appliances and new sanitary engineering can also influence the price.

Preliminary demonstration

Sometimes, you see the flat and it satisfies you completely. But afterwards you remember not checking something very important. Thus, before going to a preliminary demonstration, prepare a reminder: a list of things to pay attention to.

Contract to be on the safe side

Signing a contract with the lessor is quite usual, it is important that both parties understand everything written in the contract and know its rights and obligations. Do not hesitate to ask for explanation or explain anything. It can help you avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the future. If you have some problems with the Czech language, ask for a contract in English, or hire an interpreter. Very often contracts have important nuances, so pay attention to the clauses that describe reasons to return/not to return the collateral and fines. As a rule, if you damage nothing and pay your rent in due time, you will get the collateral completely paid back. Unfortunately, some tenants meet unscrupulous lessors who use different excuses or even lie to avoid paying the collateral back.

Migration period

Transporting your belongings is always a real problem. A lifehack from students: use banana cases for packing and transporting your stuff. You can find such cases in any supermarket, sometimes they are put next to the back door. If you don’t find them, just ask any shop assistants, they usually do help.

Key player

Before moving in, ask the flat owner if it is possible to change the lock. It would be great if he agrees, as you never know who else has the keys from the old one. Burglaries with the use of the key from the old lock are not rare and are almost impossible to investigate as such thieves live no traces.

Legal owner

There is nothing good in living in a flat which owner has debts with the public utilities. It is even worse when the flat is under executory procedure. Sometimes it even turns out that the flat actually belongs to some third person. In order to avoid problems of this kind, check the real estate cadastre before signing the contract.

«South Central»

If you have just moved to the Czech Republic or Prague, or still know nothing about the part of the city you are going to live in, who your neighbors are and what the vicinity is like, you should definitely find it out. Czech cities have so-called sociálně vyloučený parts. Here you can find their map.

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